Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ultra Zoned up and running

My portfolio blog is up and running. Drop by and take a look.
You can comment about it here on this post. (Click on the title)


Mr Goodson said...

I already laid the note on you that things were too high poly for games. Especially things like Shanghai's flooring You might get that same surface with one big poly with a normal map.

But the overriding important aspect is it looks cool. Good attention to detail. You are no doubt better with lighting than I am. Go get a job hippy.

Anonymous said...

Blah, Blah, Blah...not low polly enough. That's easy. These are my highend centerpieces. Thats the way I made them. I've got other stuff yet to post. As for a job....anybody?????

Tom Moon said...

Beautiful work Jim! I think Shanghai is my favorite. I look forward to seeing the rest of your stuff. Have you tried applying to SOE yet?

Tom Carroll said...

I like the work a lot, but I'm sorry to say don't submit to Rockstar, no matter what you see on the Web site ... they're only hiring programmers ...

rickart said...

Okay... I have a few items to mention... overall, I think these are pretty good. You've got a good sensibility about what looks convincing and what doesn't. Your scenes all have a proper sense of scale, so that nothing seems to be the wrong size or out of place.

I would suggest adding some color to your lights and textures... Just because a scene is desolate or a tomb doesn't mean that it can't use a little bit of exaggerated color to make it a little easier on the eye. I'm convinced that this alone can set you apart from a lot of other candidates. People like color, even in tombs!

Another general item I would point out is that your surfaces seem to share a smallish range of specularity... there are mildly shiny surfaces and very shiny surfaces, and that's the majority of your surfaces. I think you could be a bit more judicious with your use of specmaps.

Here are some specific items for you to consider:

The walls in the Shang-hi building look like they are just gray planes with a bump maps on them. You might want to find some photo reference of interesting wall surfaces to insert in there.

On that same scene, you might want to be more specific about the outdoor lighting... what kind of day is it? Sunny? Overcast? What time of day is it? Or, even better, light it for several different times of day and weather to see how far you can push it.

One more item on Shang-Hi... it's pretty rare that you will find a patch of dirt that is completely devoid of any plant life at all. I think a few weeds beside the walls and other places that weeds like to gather would give this some life and believability.

As Dok would say... That's my 2 cents and worth every penny. :)

Mr Goodson said...

Excellent points Rick. Do it Krayonzilla. Especially lighting the same scene differently.

This is exactly the sort of feedback you wanted . Act on it.