Saturday, April 04, 2009

Skrbbl and Kids at Ninja-Fest

Exposing them to Ninjas early


rickart said...

Cool! If you start them early they will have a longer Ninja career... it can give them a distinct advantage in T-Ball...

I met up with Ronnie and Romi yesterday at the Emerald City Comic Con. Very nice con... big enough so that there was plenty to see, small enough to see it all in a day. I didn't get the Mignola poster (Hellboy standing in front of the Fremont Troll with a cup of joe in his hand), though.... they were all gone by the time I found the booth that was selling them.

I have never met Ed Brubaker... I wanted to introduce myself as a fellow former TAG dude, but the line to see him was HUGE. He's a way popular dude. I think I found a few more recuits for TAG North, and I found out that Scott Kurtz (PvP) is planning on moving to the Seattle area... he was very stoked to find out about the TAG group up here, so we'll see if he can join us as well.

It was great to hang out with the Ashlocks for the day and they took me to a terrific little sushi place afterword. Fun was had by all.

Hey, BTW Jeff, didn't you go to see Walking with Dinosaurs live? How did you like it? Was it worth it? It's coming to Seattle and if it's cool I'd like to go see it.

Mr Goodson said...

Jeff reveals to me at our Ninja experience that he doesn't check the Blog very often nowdays.

Facebook is the only way to get his attention

I like hearing about you and Ronnie hanging out. Sounds like a good time. I've discovered Hiromi's blog with all the great food pictures she makes. Did she mnow let you guys eat until she was done with the photo shoot?

Keep up that TAG north effort. Sounds very worthwhile

Mr Goodson said...

incredible as it may seem I believe "mnow" is supposed to be "not"

rickart said...

Yeah, I know Jeff isn't on here very often, but since this was his post I thought it might be a good bet that he's be back.

I'm getting a little burnt out on Facebook... not sure why.

Mr Goodson said...

Sorry Rick. It was my post. I was there with my trusty Vado video camera. Shooting all sorts of stuff.

rickart said...

Ah, you phyced me out!