Friday, March 20, 2009

Recipe Request for TAG Artists ...

I'm doing a little side project that has no definite deadline (though it would be fun to have it done by Comic Con) wherein I publish a cookbook of the favorite recipes of comic book creators ... so dust off your 3 x 5 cards and send your favorite recipes to me at the email connected to the TAG blog ... Shenandoah01 at something. I believe I am even working with an editor on this one (Jill Duffy, my old editor from Game Developer days), so the results should be cool.

Once we get a page format together and start off with some "big" names, we'll begin soliciting for a publisher. At the very least, it'll show up on ... but I think it'll turn out much better than that. Already I have a dip recipe from Wendy and Mat Broome, a noodle recipe from Armando Durruthy, and a Phillipino delicacy coming from Tony DeZuniga.

Anyone from TAG is invited to participate. ;-) 25 percent of the proceeds will go to the Comicbook Legal Defense Fund. If you have friends in the comic book industry who you think would want to get involved, send them a link!


Mr Goodson said...

everyone should know how to cook my breakfast burrito.
Sounds like a worthwhile deal Tom.

Bunch of comic book artists it'll consist of sandwich favorites.

Tom Carroll said...

That's okay as long as they make their sandwiches and can share the ins and outs ... ;-)

Tom Carroll said...

I have in recipes from Tony DeZuniga, Wendy & Mat Broome, Dave Dorman, Jay Bradley, and Armando Durruthy. Others are coming. As Ellis said, make sure to send me the recipe for your favorite sandwich ASAP.

This is a great marketing opportunity for all you artists out there.

Oh, and we must all find out if Ellis' breakfast burrito is the same as Robert Rodriguez's ... as delineated on the Sin City home DVD release ... in the extras section.