Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Anatomy Notes

I found my scans of an Anatomy lecture I attended about 4 years ago. I formatted all the pages to the required size by using an ACTION.

Real quick and sloppy but it will be a snappy little 6 by 9 paperback that brings that great lecture series back to me.

You guys might have similar sets of notes and sketches. It's basically scrapbooking.

The headline is a link to my Lulu page. The PDF is a free download if you want to check out the notes.


Tom Carroll said...

You don't have to answer, Ellis ... but how has your experience been financially ... I mean, I know some of the TAG group bought sketchbooks, but have other people outside your circle of friends and pros found the book(s) too?

Just wondering.

Mr Goodson said...

I've lost money buying my Mom's book for her and friends of hers. Publish on Demand is just a great way to produce a slick project.

You go in the hole quick paying for shipping.

You could always target an audience and advertise your Lulu product. You could offer it up to Amazon, etc.

I'm using it as my slick scrapbook creator.

It would actually be unethical to make money on the Vandruff notes. That is a very ultra prepared series of lectures that Vandruff presents on anatomy. Also it features the ugliest and most careless page design formatting ever foisted on a buying public.

AND, I have the option of telling Lulu how much money I want to make per book. I have opted for 0. To make them as low price as possible for the few people I make aware of them.

Mr Goodson said...

I've revised the book to make no reference to Vandruff. A guy at work scared me into doing it.

Here's a list of things I just bought from EBAY../.

Flash Gordon, the Ice monster, The lost continent of Mongo Paperbacks with art by al williamson

Atlan with Frazetta cover

Doomsman, Ace Double, Harlan Ellison, his least favorite book

Brian Aldiss Bow Down To Null, haunted by the cover

Case study Homes California

Dec 1951 Argosy, should have the first story Elmore Leonard ever wrote

Also bought from Amazon, Harry Harrison's MAN FROM P.I.G

Tom Moon said...

I think that was a good idea to remove Vandruff's name, since you were using it without his permission. On the other hand, why not write Vandruff and send him a copy of the book? Tell him you are not making any money on the book and ask him whether or not he would want his name used, and in what manner. He might WANT credit of some kind. He might see it as a chance for some publicity. He might even encourage his students to buy it. And if you charge just a little more you and he could split the profits.

Mr Goodson said...

Tom, it was careless of me. These things are virtually anonymous unless you do some sort of promotional push. But publishing it here and sending out a note at work amounted to a promotional push. I'm not interested in money for them. It's just fun to get those slick paperbacks of hand made content.