Friday, October 03, 2008


So the other week I get an e-mail out of the blue from a woman with this text:

I am writing this email about your artwork! I was wondering if you have any issues with people getting your artwork tattoed on them?? I was thinking of getting the robot manta ray that you drew as a tattoo.... I actually have one of the robot octopi that you drew tattooed on my leg. I am sorry that I never asked for your permission! I first found the art on a pichaus site (I believe it was called that) when I google image searched 'octopus'. Then months later, when I was searching for the art to show to my friends, I discovered your blog with the original art. And also, I was wondering, since you love robots so much, if you had ever run into some good robot t-rex art?? Oh, and if you want to see, I can send a picture of the tattoo. :)

Thanks so much!

So I emailed her back saying that it was her body and I would be flattered if anybody wanted my art on their body forever. She sent back these pics:

So I guess I'm flattered....It's a little weird having your art on somebody's thigh. But then I got to thinking, hey maybe I'm getting "Punk'd' by somebody here....hmmm my first guess would be MR. BUNCAKE!!! Those look like his legs!! I swear!! And that skirt!! OMG I've seen him wear that skirt before!! and besides, he can use Photoshop....

Any thoughts?? (blogging from Paris!)


Mr Goodson said...

I've seen him in that skirt too Jeff. That's his Fridays are for Fondling ensem.

Probably photoshop.

Great robot!

rickart said...

I think it's for-real.

My Brother-In-Asked me to design a tatoo for him... 2 of the, actually. He and his 2nd wife got complimentary tats.

He's on wife #3 now.

Davis Chino said...

Bonjour Monsieur Jeff!!

Crazy story. The lengths Scott will go to....

Truthfully, I think it's legit. In fact, we need to agitate for more prominent placement--next tat has to be AT LEAST shoulder placement or tell 'em forget it.

Explain it as a clause in your Sony contract.....

p.s. turned in all my boards today and then stopped by the editing suite where Nancy and Yair enlisted me in revisions/additions. They should have something pretty tight tonight. Job well done!

rickart said...

Of what are you talking about, Marty... are you doing work for Sony now? Is that what these storyboard drawings all about? Confess!

Davis Chino said...

No, no, no--I'm not high-class enough for a legit studio like Sony. (Sony interviewer's response to my job application: "I know Jeff Ranjo, Jeff Ranjo is a friend of mine--Mr. Davis, you're no Jeff Ranjo!")

I'm on a freelance job for a shady internet-type concern. Mr. Ranjo saved my bacon by throwing it my way--thanks Jeff! But it's money, and I'm very thankful! The job is almost over (I think). The "mysterious" storyboard images you've been seeing on Brush Pen Breakfast are my own personal work (trying to pad out my paper-thin portfolio for a Lucasfilms job that seems to have gone kaput)(but doing the boards was cool!).

I've got a little editing to do, and then I am going to post the sequence I did as a Quicktime. So stay tuned!