Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mr. Moon, Sr.

Tommy, I think this guy looks like your dad. Spotted at the Getty.

I hope you are enjoying your travels. I am in Rochester, NY. There were complications on the way out; seems we'd bought a ticket for Rochester...Minnesota. I discovered this in the Chicago O'Hare terminal, about to board the Minnesota bound flight.

But it all worked out.


Tom Moon said...

Heh heh. He looks kind of like Jack Soo to me. Why are you traveling all over the U.S.? I'd have expected to find you and Blair in France and Italy.

Mr Goodson said...

you're ready for court reporter duty! Nice natural captures.

Mr Goodson said...

If Jack Soo was the guy on Barny Miller that made the bad coffee, definitely.

Davis Chino said...


Thanks for the court reporter compliment. I'm out in western NY visiting my pal Pete, and working with him on the Paris book (slow going due to my sloth, sorry to say). I come home this weekend.

Tommy, are you doing overseas travel??

Ellis, where are your were-folk postings?? I need to see hirsute humans!

Davis Chino said...

Tom, I hope you took no offense at this posting--I only alluded to your dad's likeness because I remember (vaguely) the black-n-white pic of your father (spotted at your house and also here, I think--I believe you posted it here during our debate about the way the faces seem to physiologically change from era to era). I accept your verdict that the drawing is far afield in likeness. I just thought I saw a similarity.

No, he doesn't look like the Barney Miller dude!

Tom Moon said...

Ha ha, no I am not offended. It's pretty hard to offend me. I like the way you did the eyes; you really captured the asian eye form. So many artists just slant them up like cat's eyes and leave it at that, but you've drawn the form of the flesh around the eye and the way the eyeball is seated really well.

No, I am not overseas. We drove up the Monterey coast this weekend. Incredible scenery up Highway 1 into Big Sur and Carmel.