Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yet another setting from that Kindle story I tell myself I'm going to finish.

Hey, I got a piece accepted into Spectrum 13, which is due out in November. It's something I did for Everquest 2. Don't think I can post it here.

But I'm finally working on my first website. Hopefully that'll be up soon and I can post the piece there.

It was a rush reading the acceptance letter and knowing that artists like Brom were judges. Glad I finally took the chance - I'd been wanting to for a long time but was always too scared.


Tom Moon said...

Congratulations Dok!
Glad you will be getting some of the recognition you have deserved for so long. Heck, I could have told you a long time ago that you belonged in the company of the big guys! Next thing they'll be asking you to sit on the panel of judges.

Mr Goodson said...

Of course you have the skills. Otherwise you'd be a teacher. Seriuosly, congratulations. Very inspiring and I'd buy a book that was illustrated like your entry for today.

rickart said...

Way to go! That's outstanding news! I've entered a few times with no luck so I know you must be feeling pretty good!


TopCat said...

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself ..." Well, and maybe avian flu ... and running out of pencils ... and post it notes developing some form of sentience ... and ...

Dok said...

Thank youse - words of encouragement mean a lot to me, coming from this august assembly.

But sentient post-its? AAAIEEEEEEEE!!!


P.S. They selected one from five total submissions this year (for which I'm very grateful). But I'll post one of the losers later and we can pick it apart.